DPP: Part 1 – Workflow: Exercise 4 – Editing

The aim of this exercise is to practice ‘editing’ a set of images down to the ‘best’ selection – following prescribed steps from the exercise.  I’ve used the images from exercise one for this exercise.

Step one: Technical Edit

Technical Edit

Technical Edit

This step is to remove obviously faulty images – i.e. out of focus, camera shake or over/underexposed beyond recovery.  The exercise text states to flag these in someway, but I actually deleted them rather than have them take up space unnecessarily.

Step two: The selects

The selects

The selects

This involved making an initial selection of images that satisfied me creatively.  In the context of the shoot for the exercise being intende dfor social network sharing this was quite large and general in the theme of “snow fun”.

Step three: The first selects

First selects

First selects

This step was to choose the several best.  I’ve narrowed the theme with these to “building a snowman” and created a sort-of narrative from start to finish.  The text says to briefly note my reasons for choosing the images for this, which I’ve done.  Generally that’s been around the steps in building a snowman, plus expressions and images of people working together and having fun on the snowman.

Step four: Group and review

This step required leaving the set for a while (I did some cleaning and watched TV) before returning to the first selects with a fresh eye, to review them and confirm that I’d made my preferred choice when compared to those I’d left out.  There was one image I swapped out become somebody’s face was very slightly clearer compared to the image I had selected originally, but overall I’m happy with my choice.

Step five: a final choice

This step involved imagining I have to choose no more than two images for publication.  These are the ones I selected:

A snowman in progress...

A snowman in progress…

The finishing touches...

The finishing touches…

I think the first image shows the snowman is being worked on and progressing.  The second includes one of the same people working on it and implies the finishing touches are being applied.  It also includes traditional snowman features; the carrot nose and the coal eyes.


It’s difficult getting down from around 200  images to just two.  At step four I felt I could have settled for around four or five ‘best’ images that retained a narrative, but editing down to just two was a struggle as it involved very careful selection to ensure the images do mean something together.  It’s something of a surprise that from so many images it was so difficult to do – though perhaps knowing the limitation before shooting would make the process easier as I may have aimed to take shots with the limitation in mind.

There shots would also have been easier so as to create a beginning, middle and end for a narrative.

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