This is my second post for the colour library exercise on primary and secondary colours.  A bit more background is in the first post – Primary and secondary colours – Red.


Having looked around, it became immediately apparent that finding a ‘natural’ image for blue would be difficult.  Weather being what it was, I couldn’t rely on the sky to provide this.  My initial thinking was an evening sky might be an appropriately ‘pure’ blue, as the sky in daylight was too bright, as shown here:

So, I continued to hunt for the other colours, thinking I’d come back to blue.  Eventually I found a man-made option as I was heading back inside.

Closest Match

The closest match to the colour circle here was an under-exposed shot of the sign.  Take on ISO100, 1/250s and f/6.3 (manual).  The ‘pure’ blue is a fairly dark colour, so the bright sign wasn’t a good match without under-exposing it.

The Alternatives

These are the correctly exposed (f/5) and slightly over-exposed (f/4) versions of the shot and the blue is too light in each of these to really match the blue in the colour circle.

I’ll post the third painters primary – Yellow – on Thursday, before going on to the secondary colours later.