I’ve just finished editing and processing pictures I took for friends of their new arrival.  170 images edited down to 40 I’m sending to them to use.

As she’s so new to the world I avoided using a flash (she wasn’t happy with the focus light as it was!), so all the shots were done either in natural light near a window or under indoor lighting when it started getting too dull outside.

I’m pleased with the results as images and also in terms of the performance of my camera at the higher ISO settings I needed.  Noise isn’t a major issue at all.

On arrival Olivia insisted on eating before posing.  The set below pretty much tells how that story went.

"I will not work on an empty stomach!"

“I will not work on an empty stomach!”

"Om nom nom"

“Om nom nom”

"Oh, you're still here?"

“Oh, you’re still here?”