In the first part of this exercise the aim was to produce three pictures with complimentary colours in the rations suggested by J W Von Goerthe.  The second part, however, is not so strict; the aim is to produce produce three or four images featuring colour combinations that appeal to me – combining two colours or more.

The aim is to demonstrate that there is no single ‘correctness’ to complementary colours and to make me aware of any imbalance in the combinations, and what effect that has.

 Yellow, Violet and Green – Flower

ISO400, 1/100s, f/8

I’m getting my monies-worth out of these flowers.  Especially as I haven’t paid for them.  I took this at the same time as the photo for the first part of the exercise.  I liked the way the yellow stands out ver clearly within the image against the violet of the flower.  It draws the eye as though it’s the main subject of the image.

The green itself just serves as background – it brightens the image up but doesn’t draw the eye away from the main relationship between the yellow and violet.

 Blue and Orange – Sunrise

ISO100, 1/4000s, f/4

This is a roughly 1:1 ratio of blue and orange.  I do like this combination, and while they’re not in the ‘harmonious’ proportions, I think the darkness of the blue and the paleness of the orange makes it a pleasing combination.

 Yellow and Green – Fence and Bush

ISO800, 1/50s, f/2.8

While the main colours here are yellow and green, the main appeal for me here is how the yellow plays off the black and white.  The contrast creates a touch of ‘alarm’ – like  a warning.  Perhaps I’m thinking of a wasp because of the yellow stripe.  It doesn’t sit well with the green background either, which further enhances the tension created by the ‘warning’.