I?ve taken longer than I wanted to to finish this assignment, having gone through the exercises reasonably quickly after submitting assignment two.  Part of that has been a change of camera system, switching to a Sony A7 FE-mount from Canon just head of my trip to Australia.

In planning this assignment I?ve enjoyed how the idea evolved out of some initial reading and started taking on it?s own life.  I found Evernote really useful for referencing some inspiration too, so that?s something I?ll carry forward.

So, on to the reflection on the skills being looked at?

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I?ve composed several shots using a mixture of natural light, artificial light (both studio flash and indoor lighting – e.g. in the pub) which have required a variety of skills – either arranging lighting or using camera settings to make the most of what was available.

I?ve arranged shots to make the most out of using black-and-white, creating images which capture shape and texture with visually pleasing results.

In the case of ?Read no Tweets? I?ve made use of the ability to adjust colours in black-and-white tones to ensure the subject was as clear as I intended.

Quality of Outcome

I?m pleased with the quality of the images I?ve created – and particularly like how the samples I?ve printed have turned out.  As I mentioned in my image write-up, prints really do show off an image better than a computer or tablet screen.

Images have successfully demonstrated tonal contrast, texture and form which was part of the assignment brief.  ?High Fidelity? and ?Read no Tweets? I feel being good examples demonstrating tonal contrast and ?Severed Links? being probably the best representative of both texture and form.

Demonstration of Creativity

I drew inspiration from an essay on photography (Photography and the New God) along with examples of straight and documentary photography to formulate my own ideas of images around the resulting theme – applying some commentary on social media in a ?quirky? manner while sticking to the overall technical objectives of the assignment.


When I started this assignment I took what I found in photographer research both from my own reading and information provide by my tutor and expanded that research before planning my ideas.

I?ve reviewed my shots – sometimes waiting a short while before returning to selection resulting in changes to the images I?ve chosen after I?ve reflected on what I want the images to achieve.  

I?ve continued to maintain my learning log, logging my research, ideas and results.

In the wider context I continue to attend ?Redeye Photography Network? events in addition to reading, which gives a different insight into the work of practicing photographers and people in related industries.