Heaton Park - Decayed tram lines...

Heaton Park – Decayed tram lines…

This is a completion of exercise 2 – your own workflow (part 2) here and summarises how I found the workflow described in that post.

The exercise, which I decided to do on the subject of “my weekend”, was completed over three days:

  • Friday night games with friends
  • Saturday photo-walk in Heaton Park
  • Saturday night out
  • Sunday recovery

I found I didn’t have time to import the images between shoots – so the “if there’s time” clause didn’t get invoked.  All images were imported at the end of the weekend.

As previously, I also didn’t have much opportunity to delete shots in camera – including a couple of my feed I took at one point on the photo-walk, so step 2 didn’t really apply.

As I imported images I added them to an unsorted “collection” in Lightroom before doing the technical edit (step 5).  This was because I was importing from two cards and usually I’d conduct the technical edit on the “last imported” set.  That’s definitely something to incorporate in future workflow where I’m likely to use more than one memory card.

After the technical edit I was down to 127 images.  Step 7 got me down to 45 selects which I did some basic processing on – as per step 11.  I actually split that step in two though – flagging preferred shots (the first selects) separately – reducing down to 18 final images.  I then completed processing and published the images to Google+ here.

As before I then backed up the images to my external drive and deleted all but my preferred shots from my laptop.


I was mostly happy with my workflow, though there were still a couple of refinements to make.  The “if there’s time” clause should remain, but with the images added to a collection before the technical edit.  While it wasn’t invoked this time that won’t always be the case on other assignments of this nature.

I split step 11 too – as it made more sense to flag my preferred images in the context of having completed the basic processing, as it showed something closer to what I wanted out of the images.