Getting Started...

Getting Started…

A cup of coffee, a ring binder of course material and a blank page; yep – I’m getting started on the second module of the OCA BA photography course.  The module is “Digital Photographic Practice” and upon completion of the course I should be able to; in the words of the course material:

  • demonstrate an awareness of the image quality expected in photographic practice
  • use an effective workflow to develop images of the appropriate standard
  • produce images with differing degrees of manipulation and understand the ethical issues associated with manipulation
  • reflect perceptively on your own learning experience

In my own words; my expectations of the Digital Photographic Practice course is that I will be able to consistently deliver well-produced images, establish good practice for planning and processing in terms of workflow and continue to develop the technical and self-reflection skills which I built up through the first module.

I am working towards the degree and, after a the slow start with my first module, I hope to complete this module in a much shorter time scale.  I’ve established what I think is likely an overly ambitious schedule (which I did before getting the materials), though I’ve added contingency in a lot of places, so we’ll see how it goes.  The first exercise requires getting somebody to pose for a location portrait shoot – so straight away the idea of completing it quickly is out of the window as I’ve no idea who I could get to do the shoot!  Any volunteers available on Saturday?!