With assignment 2 sent to my tutor, I’m on to part three of my The Art of Photography with the Open College of the Arts.  This part deals with colour.  I’ve spent the afternoon reading a piece on colour theory as background prior to looking at the projects and exercises within this section.

I’ve learnt how colour can be used within photography and how it works on three levels:

  • visual: objective and immediately obvious.
  • expressive: subjective, the emotional level
  • symbolic: the cultural level – a consequence of the things we’ve been brought up with and learnt to associate colours with.

I’ve read about hue – which gives a colour it’s uniqueness, brilliance – the lightness or darkness of a colour and saturation – the variation of purity in a colour – which are the qualities of colours.

The colour theory piece then goes on to talk about primary and secondary colours, how they combine harmoniously and to create depth within images through differences in cool (blue/greens) and warm (red/orange) colours.

The piece has provided a good background to what I’ll be learning and practicing in this part of the course – and I expect I’ll be referring back to it and talking about it more a I perform the exercises and when I complete the assignment .