The last part of the ‘shapes’ project provides some information on rectangles and circles, but no further exercises.  I’ll summarise the key points in this post.


These are less simple than triangles, but in photographic terms appear more basic because they relate to the shape of the frame.

Generally they appear more in man-made situations because of their regularity.  They’re less interesting because they demand less imaginative effort in composition.  They do, however, require precision in aligning within the frame – to avoid the effects of perspective alerting their shape.

The associations of rectangles tend to be formal, enclosing.  Prceise and static.  More so than any other shape they appear artificial.


Circles are much less easier to find than triangles or rectangles – depending to a great extent on real circular objects.

A circular shape is the tightest, most compact and enclosing of any shape – imposing more structure on the image than triangles or rectangles.