This assignment has tested my understanding of light, and also encouraged me to look beyond the course text – investigating different methods I could use to achieve my aims for each of the qualities defined.

The subject I close was challenging as – as well as needing to bring out it?s qualities – I had to use or limit the impact of one of it?s most obvious properties; it?s reflectiveness.  Knowing this would be difficult was why I chose it as a subject, but I haven?t always done a great job of managing this property – and the ?Shadow? image I think illustrates the effect of poor reflection management (though in the metal of the bottle top, rather than the glass of the bottle).

I?ve leaned toward using studio-lighting rather than natural or available light, because this was considerably more manageable, but two out of the core eight images do use natural light (sunset and general use of sun) and the ?smashed? image mixed flash and natural light; so this assignment isn?t just a product of pure ?studio? work.

I do think, for the most part, I?ve ably demonstrated the qualities of the subject effectively and created pleasing images in the process.