I’ve found this assignment particularly challenging thanks to selecting a theme that limited my options and resulted in me having to come up with different ideas to my original plan, having failed to get a number of shots I had hoped to get during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester.

I found the shots that I enjoyed doing most were the four shots for the orange sub-theme.  Having a clear ‘story’ to tell linked the images well and made it easier to come up with the ideas.  I’m aware that I’m not looking at ‘narrative’ yet on the course, but I think this has shown the use of a theme itself isn’t strong enough on it’s own without a sense of telling a story through the images.

In terms of the assignment objective; I’ve created some strong images which make an impact because of the relationship between the colours.  “Candle Flame, “Seeing out the old” and “Charm” are images I’m particularly pleased with and all make strong use of the colours and their relationship.

I’ve taken a number of staged shots in natural and “studio lighting” setups, as well as having included some “found” shots – so it’s a more varied assignment than assignment two.  For the staged shots using studio lights I’ve improved my use of lighting to create images at correct exposure which are well lit.  “Charm” and “Candle Flame” demonstrate improvements when compared to my last assignment.

I think I might have found it easier switching theme once I had failed to get the shots in Manchester; only a few shots tie together as part of the theme so while I’ve got some individual shots I like I don’t think I’ve successfully illustrated the theme in a coherent story – apart from with the orange sequence.