TAOP: Part 5 – Narrative and Illustration: Illustration – Project Introduction

It’s essentially a luxury to use several images to tell a story – and a single image can also have more impact and be more memorable.  Illustration is largely a matter of telling a story in a single image.

Examples of stories that can be put across in a single image include relationships between things in the photograph, or a hint of something happening.

The course material demonstrates this with a still-life arrangement showing materials used by da Vinci, as though he had just been using them (albeit, stylised), as well as images showing people posed to show social issues (Lewis Hine – Boys working in Cannery) and fear and suffering (David Seymour – Air Raid over Barcelona).

The exercise for this first part calls for an illustration of ‘evidence of action’ – showing something has happened.  It suggests including something that has either been broken or emptied.  I shall put my thinking cap on (Phil takes another sip of wine).

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