TAOP: Part 5 – Narrative and Illustration: Exercise: A narrative picture essay

This exercise required between five and 15 shots to form a narrative picture essay – arranged in a suitable presentation.

I chose the wedding of friends as the subject, as I was acting as second photographer.  While I didn’t write down the shots I intended to get, I had a good idea of the images I’d need for the narrative:

  • exchanging vows and rings
  • the kiss
  • celebrating with the wedding party
  • the couple after the wedding
  • speeches
  • cutting the cake
  • the first dance
  • a still-life, e.g. the rings

Below is my presentation of the images:

Click to see large on Flickr

I haven’t bothered captioning them individually, as the exercise advises, as I believe they’re self-explanatory.

The flow of the pictures is generally in the order of the event; with the exception of the confetti image which I think serves as a kind of ‘title shot’ for the set.

I limited the number of images so as not to overwhelm the viewer with images – I also think reducing the number of images helps keep a tighter narrative; like good Powerpoint Presentation practice – it ensures you deliver the essentials of the story.

I found having a clear idea of shots I expected did help me keep in mind what I had to get; but once I got the basics I then looked around for other ‘unplanned’ shots.  It’s definitely a big help having a good idea of what you’re going for, and having a good look around the venue beforehand was also useful.

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