TAOP: Part 5 – Narrative and Illustration: Exercise – Evidence of action

The aim of this exercise is to produce one image in which it can be seen something has happened.  While on a photo walk in Heaton Park I spotted the shells of nuts, which had been left by the squirrel population.

Dinner Table

ISO 1600, f/22, 1/100s. Flash fired.  Click to see large on Flickr

The empty shell of the but, with parts spread around the image, shows something has torn the shell apart and taken the contents.  I think the image could be improved with a stronger indication of what carried out the action; perhaps a squirrel in the background, or prominent teeth marks on the shell.

The ISO choice here was accidental – I had it on that for a flash-less image and forgot to change it back.  The aperture size was deliberate though, to get greater depth-of-field in a macro shot.

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