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Art of Photography

Last Sunday I signed up for a photography course with The Open College of the Arts and on Wednesday the course materials arrived.

For the last couple of years I’ve been practicing photography – attempting (and failing, d’oh!) a self-portrait photo-a-day project and a more general photo-a-day project – shooting at the Isle of Man TT in 2008 and 2009and just generally enjoying practicing and learning more about my hobby.  More recently I’ve been feeling I want to get some more formal training and qualification and perhaps even turn my hobby in to some aspect of a job  – so had been looking around for a distance-learning/correspondence course.

While browsing some photography sites I came across an interesting blog (which has nothing to do with Half Life!) – The Freeman View – with much detailed content on many aspects of photography.  From viewing this I browsed further to the Open College of the Arts site – and the photography courses  Michael Freeman has written and decided I had found the course for me.

The course I’m doing is titled ‘The Art of Photography’ and, if I go in for assessment, counts as 40 points toward a BA.  They have options for paying for the full degree, but at this stage I want to prove I can complete this before committing on a more long-term basis.  This course indicates a time of one year to complete (with 8 hours work a week) but it can be studied in a longer or shorter period of time.  I’m hoping to complete it quicker than that – and find a way of getting myself more time to do so.

So, fingers crossed – and if I’m planning a night out in the future, don’t forget to ask me whether I’ve done my homework first!

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