The Frame – nearing the end

I’m approaching the end of part one of The Art of Photography course – with four more parts to do before I’ve completed this module.  I’m well aware I need to put more time into the course and to drive myself I’ve committed to submitting my first assignment by the beginning of May.

In reality I hope to achieve a lot more than that in the week off over Easter.

Tonight I’ve been planning for the last few exercises as part of the first part of this module (The Frame), as well as for the assignment.

I’ll be shooting some shots of the horizon before it goes dark for the exercise ‘Positioning the horizon’, and writing it up tomorrow, along with completing an exercise on ‘Balance’ – which involves looking at the elements of shots ‘from the archive’.

Saturday I’ll be completing shots and write-up on the exercise ‘Vertical and horizontal frames’ before moving on to the final exercise – again involving shots ‘from the archive’ – titled ‘Cropping’.

That clears the way for working on the assignment itself, which is on visual contrasts.  Again, using the archive, I’ll be finding photos I’ve taken and matching up pairs that illustrate contrast.  For the assignment itself I need to get a further eight matched pairs of new shots, plus one shot that illustrates contrast on it’s own.

To help get the new shots I’m intending my 365 leading up to the completion of the assignment to be focused on obtaining contrasting shots, and the themes I’ve got to pick from are as follows:

  • Large/Small
  • Many/Few
  • Transparent/Opaque
  • Broad/Narrow
  • Diagonal/Rounded
  • Continuous/Intermittent
  • Long/Short
  • Pointed/Blunt
  • Liquid/Solid
  • Light/Dark
  • Hard/Soft
  • Thick/Thin
  • Smooth/Rough
  • Strong/Weak
  • Much/Little
  • Light/Heavy
  • Black/White
  • Still/Moving
  • High/Low
  • Straight/Curved
  • Sweet/Sour


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