TAOP: Assignment 5 ? Images ? Part 5: So you thought that getting sober…

This is the first image for the final verse of the song.  In my picture script and planning there were a couple of images here which I’ve ended up merging in to one.  I’m happy with how the concepts have combined here – merging the idea of sleeping and death and leading well in to the next part of the narrative.  I’ve used a “coffin pose” (not sure if there’s a real term for that!) – hands folded over an empty bottle of wine.  I like the ambiguity of whether it’s showing sleep or death.  As originally planned, the sun is shining in to the room, casting shadows but lighting the face of the character.

ISO200, 1/30s, f/11. Click to see large on Flickr

I’ve reduced saturation in Lightroom, as the red and brown was quite dominant, but I particularly wanted to avoid red as – at this poing in the narrative – that’s effectively “in the past”.  Being ginger obviously makes it a bit hard to avoid red completely – without going black and white – but I think B&W won’t fit with the rest of the images.

The shot was taken with ambient light through my window, with flash filling in so the shadows weren’t too harsh.  Here’s an earlier version without flash (and before I developed the idea a bit more):

Without flash

And here’s the basic setup, showing light coming through the window, flash and the position of the camera:

Light setup


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