TAOP: Assignment 5 ? Images ? Part 2: Lost in the Sea

This post is for the second image in my narrative sequence.

Lost in the Sea. ISO100, 1/160s, f/11. Click to see large on Flickr.

I wanted to have a contrast between red and blue in this image and – originally – that would have manifested as the wine sea against the blue ‘sky’ background, as shown below:

An earlier version of “Lost in the Sea’

Once I had taken the earlier shots I placed them next to the first image (actually flicking back-and-forth between them on my iPad) and I felt they didn’t work together.  I expect the first three images to appear on one page – or at least I want them to feel like one set – so they have to work together – which wasn’t the case until I reshot.

For the final image I put a blue filter on the lens.  This enhanced the blue background while also masking most of the red – apart from the most brilliant red in the hull of the boat.

The lighting setup is shown below:

Studio flash and umbrella

Flash and gel

I’ve used my studio flash through an umbrella to diffuse the light (and avoid harsh reflections on the glass).  It had to be positioned so as not to wash-out the blue gel which was attached to the flash gun pointing at the wall behind.  As originally intended – it’s a similar setup to the ‘colour’ shots in assignment 4 – but I’ve achieved a very different look and feel to the image; which shows a nice diversity to the setup.

I’ve cropped the original image slightly using a ‘golden spiral’ crop overlay tool in Lightroom – having originally composed the image to get the boat at the top left ‘third’ intersection and the glass diagonal from that – creating a line between the two components of the image.  In the crop the curve of the glass loosely matches the spiral – with the boat placed at the spiral’s centre.

Cropping Lost in the Sea

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