TAOP: Assignment 5: Planning and Research ? Part 5: Blanket of sorrow/The thick and the grey/So heavy and stained

For this set I’m looking at a pair of images using clouds and sunset, dominating the images.

For the first image a less-processed of this is what I have in mind (this was my take on the “Best of Black Sabbath” album cover).  The graves wouldn’t feature.  The sky will dominate the image to give a sense of weight – and I’ll be deliberately avoiding the ‘rule of thirds’ to achieve this effect.  Presence of the sea in the shot is the narrative anchor in this case.

Stone Graves – click to see on Flickr

For the second image, I’m thinking something along these lines in terms of colour, though with the sails of the boat silhouetted against the sky.  I’m not sure whether the sails should appear large or small at this point – so I’ll experiment to ensure the sense of weight isn’t lost, but that the sails anchor the image to the narrative again.

March Sunset – click to see on Flickr

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