TAOP: Assignment 5: Planning and Research ? Part 3: I wish my arms were wider/I wish that I could hide you/So you can rest and repair

I’ve had a few ideas for this set, both along the nautical theme and… erm… not.

The first couple of ideas would involve a sense of ‘harbour’; illustrating “I wish my arms were wider” and “rest and repair”; and a coastal cave, for the sense of ‘hidden’.

Looking at possible locations, Boggle Hole near Robin Hood Bay on the east coast might be suitable.  This image gives me the sense of arms reaching out to somebody in the manner I’d think would suit the idea of a protective harbour:

  • Boggle hole by Carl Mick

This shot shows the cave itself, though isn’t particularly detailed due to the distance from it:

  • Boggle Hole by Gary Hadden

Certainly for the first shot weather would be a factor – along with time of day.  East coast means sunrise rather than sunset; and it’s a bit of a drive!  I might need to stay overnight to get the shot… and even then this isn’t the best time of year to be hoping for sun (or best year, in general!).

I am worried there’s a lack of people in my shots, so perhaps this is an opportunity to experiment with light and include the ‘hidden’ figure (echos of my ‘opaque‘ image from the first assignment), but closer to this (though perhaps with better composition and posing – it looks a bit ‘stale’ here):

  • Cave Passage

In the case of the idea above, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a coastal cave – just one big and dark enough where I could set up equipment without a) interruption and b) ideally, without worrying about getting permission!

Another idea for ‘hidden’ is a face hidden by a hood – kind of along the lines of this poster for the new ‘Arrow’ series (which I happened to hear about a couple of weeks ago):

Arrow poster

However, with sunglasses obscuring the eyes, reflecting the wine glass and/or boat.  I particularly like this idea, in terms of keeping the narrative tightly aligned to the overall theme – putting in objects that ‘carry’ between shots (and that might be something I look at again for earlier ideas).  It has the benefit of presenting more flexible location options too; though I could combine it with the cave shot and be more adventurous with the lighting setup.

My tutor pointed me in the direction of Neil Turner’s website regarding use of lighting (ambient and artificial); this post on adding atmosphere to a shot with colour has given me an idea for how to use a couple of lights for this shot, combined with the cave shot idea earlier.

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