TAOP: Assignment 5 – Planning and Research – Part 7: Picture script

I’ve spent today sat in a café reading the British Photography Journal. There were a couple of articles that struck me as very relevant to this assignment. The first was a piece on photographer and writer partnerships. The second was on photographers who had moved in to producing music videos.

In the case of the first piece the main thing I’ve taken away is the notion that the images shouldn’t simply illustrate the text of a piece, and vice versa. This has brought in to focus what my tutor meant in his feedback and suggestions for this assignment to not just “illustrate the text”. I originally thought this meant in terms of the brief of the assignment, but in the context of my reading I believe that initial thinking was incorrect.

The music video piece, while not imparting any particular words of wisdom, did get me thinking more about how video productions tend to tell a story inspired by the song, not necessarily just illustrating the lyrics.

So, what I’ve worked on is a storyboard of images telling a story that – at times – links directly to the song lyrics but is in itself a story and – I think – could stand alone without the song and without the text of the lyrics. I thought about how them narrative might work as a video – and basically isolated key frames which would condense it in to a still image version. My only concern is that I feel I need to go above the assignment brief of 6-12 images to tell the story successfully. My image script is as follows:

First section:

  • Drinking from a wine glass
  • The wine glass spilling its contents across a surface
  • The boat lost on the wine sea
  • A close up of a hand holding a glass of whisky in front of a face
  • A motion-blurred image of the holder poised to throw the glass on the ground
  • A close-up of the glass smashing

Middle section:

  • Person moving to enter a cave
  • Person in a ball in the cave – a weak red light emitted in the background, a spotlight on the person
  • A cave almost entirely lit in red
  • A red sunset sky dominating the frame

Final section:

  • Wine and spirits being poured down a sink
  • Person looking bored, but sun creeping through blinds (mix of light and shadows horizontally across room, square crop)
  • Close up of person’s face, eyes closed. Sunlight on it.
  • Lens-flare-ish shot, face in bottom corner, a single feather in front of the flare/sun
  • Two hands stretched toward each other across a pile of feathers

Here are my rough sketches of the storyboard:







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