TAOP: Assignment 5 ? Images ? Part 8: Title page and Presentation Backgrounds

While shooting test shots for the final image of the narrative, I realised the feathers could make a good background as part of the presentation.  I already had an idea of what the cover would be and realised I could add a sort of secondary background narrative between the cover illustration and final image, through the backgrounds.

Once the final image was done (because I didn’t want to stain the feathers before I was finished – a little planning really does help!) I added a different element at a time, which will then be “removed” through using the images in reverse order.

First – there’s the feathers on their own.

Feathers alone

Next I added several corks, in a loose triangle arrangement (thinking of multiple points from the earlier assignment):

Feathers and corks

Next I added wine in a wine glass:

Wine, corks, feathers

And finally I created the cover image, laying the wine glass down and pouring a load of wine in a line over the feathers:

ISO200, 1/20s, f/22. Click to see large on Flickr.

The setup of all but the last image was the same as for the image with the linked hands – flash shooting through umbrella to the left of the setup.  However, as the cover image has a relection in the glass, I used parchment paper as a diffuser instead of the umbrella; giving a smoother reflection in the wine glass.

I also shot a scrap of paper, which the lyric excerpts will be written on.  My tutor advised avoiding reproducing the lyrics in full so I thought this would be a good way to include those relevant to support the narrative in the images.

Lyric sheet

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