TAOP: Assignment 5 – Images – Part 3: Bruising your karma

This is a post for the third image in my narrative sequence.  This image changed between conception, to picture script, to an idea I played with when I knew I needed to reduce the number of images and then back to something closer to the early conception idea.

This is the final image:

Bruising your karma – ISO100, 1/100s, f/16. Click to see large on Flickr.

The only change I’ve made here is to increase the saturation of the red in Lightroom.  As a composition it works because of the relationship between the points – drawing a diagonal across the frame; there’s a clear sense of action and relationship between the hand and the dice.

It was shot with two studio lights through umbrellas as shown below:

Bruising your karma setup

The good news is, my big problem of losing my hotshoe to trigger one of the flashes (I don’t have enough remotes) has been solved with the purchase of a Canon 5D MKII – which this was my first assignment shot using.  The 5D includes a flash connector.  So, that’s a £2k solution to losing a £10 bit of kit. 😉

Flash trigger connection

Prior to shooting the final image I had opted to show wine apparently smashing a mirror – because of the association with ‘seven years of bad luck’ but, as I found with the second image, this didn’t work alongside the others; they didn’t appear part of the same group of work.

Bruising your karma – Reject

So I went back to the ‘bad luck’ of rolling “snake eyes” on dice.

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