TAOP: Assignment 5 – Images – Part 1: Turned to Liquid

The first image I’ve shot handily happens to be the first image for the sequence.

Turned to Liquid – click to see large on Flickr

In my picture script this was to be ‘drinking from a wine glass’, but I decided to adapt my idea and sort of imply the subject (acted here by me, as I’m 100% confident I’ll be available for pictures whenever I need me) is becoming the wine, by using colour.  I also wanted to use a multi-light setup in an interesting way, so figured this was a suitable way to do that.

I did a bit of looking around at portrait photography and the work of Gregory Heisler caught my eye – and, in particular, this image which I used as inspiration.  I like the use of shadow on the person in the shot, and the focus given to the pepper, rather than their face.  I figured something along those lines would work for the part of the narrative this image plays.

I’ve done very little post-production here – just sharpening and increasing the black levels in Lightroom.

Creating the shot

The final shot was done using a Canon 580EXII at 90 degrees to the right of the glass (as you look at the image), triggered by pocketwizards.  My trusty pringle’s tube snoot was deployed to focus the light and a white cloth was used to diffuse the light.  My old ‘scrap book’ of my newspaper “by” lines served as a gobo.  Then on the left I used the Yongnuo YN565EX as slave to the 580.  Both flashes were set to manual power output rather than ETTL, so I could get the right power and not overpower the colour of the gel.

I was shooting with my Canon 70-200 lens – as my Sigma 18-50mm is a bit unreliable (tends to need to be held together to actually shoot).

I couldn’t really show the setup in one shot, so here’s three images showing how it was all set up:

Setup overview

Red gel on Yongnuo 565

Snooted 580EXII, pringles tube, cloth and gobo

It took a little while to get the right-hand flash visible at all using ETTL and some basic adjustments, so this was how the first shots looked:

No right flash

I resolved that, with manual settings, but the white light wasn’t diffused, so led to harsh light on my hand and harsh reflections on the glass, as so:

Harsh reflections

So I deployed the diffusion material, but the image was underexposed, so I need to adjust exposure time on the camera and flash power:


Then, for the final shot, I added the gobo as the previous changes meant the shadow was almost completely gone.

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