TAOP: Assignment 4 – Light: Texture – Two – Rough

This is my seventh shot for assignment 4 – “light” – and uses light to illustrate the texture of the Leffe bottle subject.


ISO 100, f/11, 1/50s. Click to see large on Flickr.

This was shot on manual with the camera mounted on a tripod so I just had to worry about holding the bottle in the right place and focus.  The only editing I’ve done is to increase the sharpness in Lightroom.

This is basically a “found” shot; while I was sat out int he garden brainstorming ideas I held the bottle up in front of the sun and saw how clear the imperfections in the glass were.  I’d been wandering how to illustrate texture in a more-or-less smooth object and was looking at how light reflected off the shaped bottom edge of the glass.  I’d decided my previous bottle cap shot for ‘texture’ was more of an illustration of the shape of the bottle cap than a successful demonstration of texture.

Unlike the bottle cap image, I think this is a successful illustration of the object’s texture – with the imperfections being in contrast with the seeming-perfection in “smooth’.

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