TAOP: Assignment 4 – Light: “Shape” Photo Reject – “Smashed”

My main ideas for the “Shape” of the object is a silhouetted image of the bottle against twilight, a sunset or a sunrise, perhaps with a bit of edge lighting, and a shard of smashed bottle, reflecting an intact bottle in it.  However, one of my initial ideas had been to show the bottle smashing, and liquid leaking out.  I don’t think it’s a strong illustration of “shape” (or the fragility of the object’s shape, which was where the idea came rom) but, as I needed to make some broken glass anyway, I decided to shoot it.

My setup was daylight – which was mostly sunlight – and a flash in high-speed sync mode as a fill-light.


The best shot is below, but the sun had gone behind a cloud very briefly so it ended up under-exposed, so I’ve had to boost the exposure in Lightroom by 2 stops to compensate.  I’d have tried again, but this was my forth and last empty bottle of Leffe.  I’ll have to endure the hassle of manufacturing more if I’m to try this again!

No beer was harmed in the creation of these images.  It’s just water stained with tea.

Spot on... almost. Click to see large on Flickr

The reason I want to give this another go is because waiting for the flash, and timing the bottle drop meant I couldn’t shoot in continuous mode.  I’d like to see how this looks in just daylight, without flash, and using continuous shooting mode to increase the likelihood of getting a good version of the bottle smashing.  I may need an assistant to help with that.

As you might guess, I didn’t get this right first time.

Bottle One

This was what happened with bottle number one:

A little too late and too little

The bottle had bounced back up out of frame at this point.  I like the liquid pouring out, but there’s no bottle.  I switched to shooting in portrait after this – then cropped where appropriate.

Bottle Two

Very late

As you can see, the bottle is settled on the ground – no sign of motion at all.

Bottle Three

Too early

Too early.  Fortunately the bottle survived this drop, so I got to have another go with it.

A little too late again

Just slightly too late this time – there’s some sign of motion – glass and liquid in the air, and the glass on the left of the image and just off-centre-left haven’t settled on the ground – but there’s little sign of liquid having come from the bottle, apart from a hint of a ripple in the liquid on the ground.

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