TAoP: Assignment 4 – Light: Form – Two – Wide

This is my final shot for assignment 4 – ‘light’ – and is the second using light to illustrate the form of the Leffe bottle.


ISO 100, f/32, 1/200s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual, with external studio flash pointing toward the bottle, with my trusty book of ‘evil plans and stuff’ acting as a gobo to reduce reflection on the top of the bottle, as shown below:

‘Wide’ Lighting setup

The intention here was to use the raised light to show the dept of the bottle while it’s lay on it’s side – with a highlight at the top and darker area at it’s bottom; reinforced with a hard shadow on the bright background.  I used a wide angle lens then to show the depth, front-to-back, which is emphasised with the drop-off of light – right-to-left – on the yellow background card.  Showing the depth also led to the composition decision to arrange the bottle diagonally across the frame (echoing the shadow arrangement in the first ‘form’ image).

Other shots

I did try with diffused light and a reflector initially – with the reflector intending to make a distinctive highlight on the bottle.  In the end the highlight was too low for the intended contrast between top and bottom:

Diffused with Reflector on left

Removing the reflector led to a fairly ‘flat’ image – with too-soft a shadow (as with the image above) and no real highlight along the top of the bottle – apart from the front right:


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to arrange the reflector to get the highlight on the top – though even with that done I wasn’t happy with the soft shadow.  In the end I was happy that the direct light created a sufficient highlight at the top of the bottle with the angled light.

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