TAOP: Assignment 4 – Light: Form of the Object – One – Shadow

This is my second image for assignment 4 – “light” and aims to show the form and volume of the Leffe bottle I’ve chosen as the assignment subject.

Form – Shadow

ISO100, 1/200s, f/16

Shot on manual with the camera mounted above on a tripod.  The light was provided by a single flash-gun, with a Pringles tube attached to create a “spot light”.  I’ve boosted the exposure and contrast in Lightroom, as well as sharpening.

The form and volume here is illustrated through the use of light and perspective.  The arrangement of the image so the bottle is below the camera gives the impression the bottle is smaller than it is.  While the long shadow gives the impression the bottle is taller than it is.

I arranged the camera and light to create a diagonal shadows across the frame as I think it creates an almost sinister effect – combined with the (I think) inherently-sinister nature of shadows.  Placing the flash close and narrowing the beam of light with the Pringles tube ensured the shadow cast was strongly defined.

Here’s how the setup looked:

Form Setup Shot

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