TAOP: Part 4 – Light: Exercise – Judging Colour Temperature – One

This exercise requires three images – two shot at midday and a third shot with the sun close to the horizon – with the camera’s white-balance set to ‘daylight’.

Midday Sun

Midday Sun

This is the first shot, in direct sunlight around midday.  It features an object that didn’t make it in to assignment three.  While the exercise calls for a subject that doesn’t have a strong colour I figured the background served that purpose adequately.

The exercise test suggests the light should appear white, but there is a slight yellow tint in this image.  While the sun was out, there was a haze which may account for this?

Midday Shade

Midday Shade

The second shot is at the same time of day, but in the shade.  There is a slight blue tint to this, compared to the yellow in the previous image.

 Evening Sun

Hazy Evening Sun

The third shot was taken in the evening, while the sun was lower, but not as close to the horizon as the exercise intends.  The haze was still present too and it appears very similar tot he shot in shade at midday, albeit a little more blue.

I think this shot better shows the orange-ness of daylight when the sun is close to the horizon:

Orange Evening Sun

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