TAOP: Part 4 – Light: Introduction

My tutor has said it’ll be a couple of weeks until he can look at my third assignment so, in the meantime, I’m pressing on with part four of this module – “Light”.

"Dark Light". Click to see large on Flickr

Light is the “raw materiaL” of photography.  The amount of light determines how, or even if, a photograph can be taken.  The sensors in cameras are designed to work optimally in normal daylight, but adjustments can be made to cameras to help in lower light conditions.  However, they will effect elements of the image.  Higher ISOs will result in noise (or grain on film).  Widening the aperture reduces the depth-of-field (so less of the image is in focus), while lowering the shutter speed affects how sharply motion is captured.

The objective of this part is described “to look at the variety of outdoor light, how to make best use of it and how to choose appropriate lighting conditions for particular subjects.  It should also start you thinking about light as something you can use deliberately to bring atmosphere and texture to your photography.”

There are 14 exercises in this section, so it’s a larger body of work than part three.  It also has some exercises which depend upon specific lighting conditions at different times of day; getting the right conditions at the right times may be a bit of a challenge.

I’m hopefully visiting the Lakes next weekend, so that’ll give me something different to shoot.  I’ve also booked the week after Easter off.  When I had time off in December I completed part two and most of the accompanying assignment (finishing that during my Christmas break) – so hopefully I can make similar progress this time too!

So, brewed up a Latte; time to get stuck in!


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