TAOP: Part 4 – Light: Exercise – Softening the Light

This exercise calls for a still-life arrangement, shot by a light directly on the subject(s) and then another version where the light is diffused.  In this case I shot through a slighting umbrella for the diffused shot.

Direct Light

Diffused Light

With direct light there are distinct, strong, shadows from the subjects and bright (over-exposed, in places, in this case) highlights, with even small parts of the subject (particularly the figure) casting disruptive shadows.

With diffused light there’s only the slightest hint at shadows – the light is much more even, and it’s hard to determine where the light source is. I expect the rear wall is playing a part here, in bouncing light back toward the camera, which wasn’t as obvious or prominent under direct light.

I think the diffused shot works better here because of the more even lighting – though I think there are times when the shadows might be desirable in a shot, if used carefully.

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