TAOP: Part 4 – Light: Exercise – Measuring Exposure

The first part of this exercise is to produce between four and six photographs which are deliberately lighter or darker than average and explain why I chose to alter the exposure.

Part One


ISO100, f/13, 1/400s

This is one from the ‘archives’.  I increased the shutter speed here and deliberately positioned myself so the sun was behind the monument to produce this strong silhouette against a bold blue sky.


ISO100, f/8, 1/800s

I had to reduce the shutter speed for this one as the snow resulted in a fast shutter speed when on auto which meant the subject in the shot appeared too dark.

Darth Maul

ISO100, f/2.8, 1/40s

For similar reasons as above (but more pronounced) I reduced the shutter speed so the details in the subject were visible against the much brighter background.


ISO100, f/8, 1/2000s

Here I wanted to capture some detail from the filament of the bulb, so increased the shutter speed to reduce the light captured from the bulb.

Part 2

Part two of the exercise calls for five or six different photographs with five different exposures of each.  Then I need to see if the central exposure is what I want or expect, and say if any other exposures are acceptable.

The camera was set to evaluative metering for these images and manual – so I adjusted the shutter speed to get the different exposures.



The middle image here is what I’d expect.  The image which is 1/3rd of a stop below works too – with the colours being deeper and contrasting more.  The slow shutter speed images are too pale to work.  The full stop below, too dark.

 3D Chess

3D Chess

Again, the middle image here is as I’d expect.  1/3rd stop lighter and darker also work well, however a full stop either side are too dark or too light.



Not a complex shot or particularly good, but I saw the shadow and thought I’d see what happens.  In this case I only find the full stop-slower shutter speed delivers a sense of bright-and-shodwy at the same time.

A Clash of Leffe

A Clash of Leffe

I don’t think any of these images work – the contrast is just too great for the camera to get a good ‘average’ reading and consequently the surrounding exposures don’t work well either.

Having seen the outcome with available light I tried again with flash and was able to create a much more balanced image, as shown below:

A Clash of Leffe - with flash

An Empty Chair

Empty Chair

Here the 1/3rd stop slower shutter speed is the only one I feel works; the middle exposure loses too much detail and the rest are too dark or too bright and lacking detail in places as a result.

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