TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Planning – Part Two

So, ahead of going in to Manchester for the Chinese New Year celebrations I’ve been doing some additional planning of more specific photo ideas.

Prior to writing this post I jotted some ideas and sketched them out in a little notepad I carry with my camera.

Idea Notepad

I’ve looked at the specific types of ‘colour’ shots I need and also written down some general ideas, concepts and props to look out for, having read-around on Chinese New Year traditions (on Wikipedia, primarily).  I need four shots for each heading below – so I still need more specific ideas – but here’s what I’ve come up with so-far.  Hopefully I’ll get more inspiration once I’m there!

Colour harmony through complimentary colours (facing colours on the colour circle)

(Green/Red, Blue/Orange, Violet/Yellow)

  • Jade Emperor on a red background (a still-life arrangement)
  • A close-up of the dragon in the dragon parade – focussing on an appropriate colour combination (a ‘found’ shot)
  • The pole which is in front of the dragon – it includes red and green sides (a ‘found’ shot)
  • A green roof in China town, on top of it’s red supporting frame (found), or set against the red dragon of flowers they usually have in China town (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Red balloons and green foliage in China town.

 Colour harmony through similar colours (next to each other on the colour circle)

(Green/Yellow, Yellow/Orange, Orange/Red, Red/Violet, Violet/Blue, Blue/Green)

  • Dragon parade leader with security (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Red envelope with £10 notes poking out of it (a still-life arrangement)

Colour contrast (colours around a third of the way around the colour circle)

(Green/Orange, Yellow/Red, Orange/Violet, Red/Blue, Violet/Green, Blue/Yellow)

  • A row of Chinese lanterns against a blue sky (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Mandarin orange in violet or yellow water, using food-colourings (a still-life arrangement)

Colour accent – a small area of colour sits against a much larger background of another colour

  • A single lantern against the sky (on a line or floating – could be ‘found’ or still-life)
  • A full moon, with a colour filter to change the colour of the moon.  This would need to be taken between February 6 and February 10 – which is when the moon will be at it’s fullest.
  • A lantern or other colourful object against the snow or against grass (a still-life arrangement)
  • Dancers or show.

Things to keep in mind

These are other things I’m going to look out for in terms of potential ideas, or buying props to create still-life arrangements.

  • Yellow King
  • Jade Emperor
  • General Guan Yu
  • Lanterns, candles
  • Dancers in different colours
  • Elders
  • God of Wealth and ‘lucky money’
  • Rice, dumplings, Chinese food in general
  • China pottery – (blue and white)

I’m not expecting to get all of the shots I need for this assignment tomorrow, but if I get all the ‘found’ shots, and perhaps some additional ones I’ll be happy.  Hopefully I can pick up appropriate props too – though I could always order things later if I don’t find them – or the crowds are a bit too much to deal with!

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