TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Planning Three – Back to the drawing board…

With my failure to get all the pictures I wanted at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester I’ve had to go back to the drawing board on shots for my assignment.

I also realised the moon and coloured filter wasn’t an option; my filters are for my 18-50mm lens, which has a 72mm filter thread, and for the moon shot I’d have needed to use my 70-200mm lens, which has a 77mm filter thread.  Oh well; best laid plans of mice, as Slartibarfast would say.

This post outlines the new and remaining ideas for the 10 shots I have left to do.

Complimentary Colour Harmony

There are two pictures remaining to be done for colour harmony through complimentary colours.

I’ve still got my original idea of a red and green combination from buildings in China town in Manchester.  I intend to shoot that this coming weekend – or potentially during the week if I have an afternoon free so I can book it off work.

I haven’t got a specific idea for the final shot for this – but I may be able to use something from the last section in this post ‘Flexible ideas’.

Similar Colour Harmony

There are three shots needed for colour harmony through similar colours.

One of these will be part of the series of orange (the fruit) shots.  I intend to shoot the peeled orange skin on a yellow or red background.

The second will be a single violet or green Chinese lantern against a blue sky.  Alternatively, if the weather is bad, I’ll use two Chinese lanterns (violet/blue or green/blue).

Finally, I may use a Chinese lion puppet I bought in Manchester, shot on grass – tracking it while it is in motion.  It’s blue so will be against a green background.  I want to try and get the idea of the lion dancing, so this may be a challenging one to achieve.

Colour Contrast

This is another one I need two shots for.

Again, the first of these will be part of the orange series.  It will be of a woman’s hand, writing on the skin of the orange – basically the first shot of the narrative through the orange shots.

No specific idea for the final shot for this – so I’ll look towards the ‘Flexible ideas’ section again.

Colour Accent

I need three shots here – the first I’ve got from Manchester and have written the post for it – which will go live tomorrow.

I’ll create the final shot in the orange series; a man eating a slice of orange and reacting to it’s taste.  It’ll be shot against a single-colour (or uncoloured) background with the colour of the orange slice featuring prominently.

The second of three for this will be of a blue charm I got from one of the stores while in Manchester; again against a coloured background.

The third shot may be a distant version of the lion in motion, moving across grass.

Flexible ideas

These are ideas which I may use for the areas above where I don’t have specific concepts as yet.

  • I have a fortune cookie, which I could use on a coloured background – though it’s not a particularly strong idea.
  • I could use Chinese dumplings, chopsticks and a plate in an arrangement.
  • I have a Buddha bought from a market store in China town.
  • I could buy coloured fireworks or firecrackers and shoot them as they explode into colours.


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