TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Photo Trip Post-Mortem

I took the train from Hebden Bridge to Manchester today – all set to shoot photos for assignment three.  Batteries were charged.  Lenses were cleaned.  Preparation was like a sniper ensuring his rifle was in full working order before an assassination – complete with the satisfying ‘clunk-clicks’ as the lens locked into place.

The crowds this year were worse than I’ve seen before.  Last year it was raining on-and-off.  The year before there were extremely strong winds.  This year the weather was reasonable;  a bit grey; a little cold; but not too bad.  In other words – no reason for people to stay away.  It showed in the impact it had on what I was able to shoot.  I wasn’t able to get ahead of the Dragon parade, so this meant I couldn’t get some of the shots I had planned.

I am, naturally, disappointed.  I would have liked to have gotten more out of the day as I can’t exactly go and try again – but it is what it is.  I have got some I can use and some props for still-life arrangements.  For the rest – well – thinking positively I now have “an opportunity for new ideas”.

This post highlights some of the rejections from the shoot in the spirit of showing ‘failed’ shots as per what I’ve learnt from feedback on assignment two.  So, here goes…

Dragon Parade Leader

Dragon Parade Leader

I wanted this shot to include some people around the parade leader, including a security guard in their yellow jacket.  Due to the crowds I didn’t get that.  At the point I took the shot above he was posing for pictures with people from the crowd.  There was no point me switching the lens to a wider angle as there was nothing that would have made an interesting shot.  It’s a shame I can’t use my picture from last year for the assignment as it would have been perfect!


Pole - Green and Red

I wanted this to be a red and green shot, but focus was a problem.  This was the best shot of it I got.  Yellow features more prominently than the green.  There are other technical issues with the shot too – with the available light not helping; washing out the colours.



This wasn’t a planned shot for the assignment but I’ve included it here as I like the shot itself.  The problem is it just isn’t suited to the assignment – the colours are far too varied so it doesn’t “fit” anywhere.

 A colour harmony shot

Colour harmony - Blue and Green

This is a composition issue.  I found something that was blue/green – but I just didn’t capture it well and it moved away too quickly for me to get it again.

Dragon close-up

Dragon close-up

There are technical issues here (it’s a bit blurred) but I also fundamentally don’t like the look of it.  It’s especially boring-looking.  It really doesn’t say anything to me – it holds no interest to me.

What’s next?

There are four or five pictures I’m reasonably satisfied with.  I’ll post those as I get to them, in the next week most-likely.  I also have some planned still-life arrangements I’ll be making and some props to buy for more.  Additionally, I’ll be returning to China town to get some shots of architecture while there are no crowds.  Finally, I’ll go back to the drawing board for additional ideas.  Obviously I can’t get things of celebrations themselves but I can have a think about what else I can do that will fit the theme.

I’ve looked around at other students’ learning logs to see what they’ve done for this assignment – and I can’t find anybody else who’s stuck to a theme for this assignment.  It looks like it’s not common for people to choose a theme.  Hopefully I don’t end up regretting making this more difficult for myself, but the way I see it – this is pushing me to be more creative.  Which is the entire point of me wanting to do this!


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