TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Harmony – Similar – Two – Peeled

This is my eighth shot for assignment three – “colour”, second for “colour harmony through similar colours” and second of four for the orange/mandarin theme.


ISO100, f/22, 1/200s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual.  Flashes positioned either side of my light tent (see “Taking the shot” below).  Sharpened in Lightroom and saturation of the  (colour) orange increased which got rid of some of the blown-out highlight on the orange skin.

I arranged the objects to create an implied triangle and almost a story within the shot (from skin, to pile of segments, to single segment; large, medium to small).  I’m glad I opted for (my attempt at) Chinese numbering, on the basis of previous experience with writing – and the tendency to try and read it.  Most people viewing this shot won’t be inclined to try and make sense of the writing for this reason.

This shot is the third of a sequence of four shots featuring the mandarin orange.  This is after the orange has been retrieved from the water and peeled, ready for tasting.

Balance and Movement

Peeled - Balance and Movement

The yellow is dominating the image, but the orange still stands out enough to draw the eye and isn’t completely overwhelmed in these proportions.  Less orange, or removing the darker orange of the orange skin, would very likely result in the yellow being too strong in the image.

In terms of movement, I’ve stated earlier that the objects are in an implied triangle and a sort of narrative within the image.

Taking the shot

I set up the shot with a studio flash on the right of my light tent and a flash gun on the left.  I took the first shot and the batteries on the flash gun died without it firing.  This resulted in the strong shadow in the image below – which I didn’t want or like.

Flash fail!

I got my second studio light and arranged them both at equal(ish) points on either side of the light tent as shown here:

Lighting setup

I took my shot from a variety of angles but wasn’t happy with the position of the objects.

Poor position

I felt the orange segment was too close to the edge of the frame and to the other objects, so I repositioned for the final shot.  It created more of a balanced shot with a more regular ‘triangle’ shape.


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