TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Harmony – Similar – Four – Lion

This is my 10th shot of assignment three – “colour” and the fourth shot for “colour harmony through similar colours”, and a reversal of the subject/background colour of the third shot – “Lantern in Flight”.


ISO100, f/8, 1/30s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual, with exposure set to balance tracking movement while trying to ensure the lion itself remains reasonably sharp.  Sharpness, ‘exposure’ and contrast adjusted in Lightroom.

I wanted to include an image which showed movement being tracked, so chose a Chinese lion – particularly as I hadn’t managed to get a good shot of the lion dance during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester.  I’ve succeeded in getting the shot, but on consideration I think it would work better if I had the head of the lion tracked in an almost-circular motion, from the front, so it looks more like it’s dancing, and less like it’s a flying ‘Gerry Anderson’ and ‘Stingray’-style cheesy submarine/spaceship.  This may be one I revisit in the future…

 Balance and Movement

Balance and Movement

In terms of colour balance this is similar to the lantern and balloon images, for “similar colour harmony”, in that the similarity between the colours means neither stands out strongly.  This contrasts with the image “Peeled’, where the much-brighter yellow threatens to overwhelm the orange colour if the proportions are much different.

Movement here is obvious, as the object is being tracked horizontally, which has created lines in the background grass.

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