TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Harmony – Complimentary – Two – Pavilion

This is my 11th shot for assignment three – “colour” and third shot for “colour harmony through complimentary colours”.


ISO400, f/8, 1/50s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual, ISO up at 400 as the square in China Town is entirely in the shadow of neighbouring buildings.

This shot is of the Chinese-style pavilion/decked area in Manchester’s China Town.  On the day of the Chinese New Year celebrations this was crowded to the point of making it impossible to get a shot that wasn’t obscured by moving people.

I’ve composed the shot to get a balance of green and red while also capturing the traditional Chinese style roof and shapes in the fence.  I also saw the slope of the roof almost ‘mirroring’ the diagonal line of the fence coming in to the frame from the left.

Balance and Movement

Balance and Movement

This is an equal proportion of red and green, more-or-less, here, but the solid block of green, versus the distributed red, makes the red appear more dominant in the image.  However, the green at the top of the red fence helps separate the red, so avoids the red overwhelming the image and contributes to ensuring the image doesn’t appear boring.

Movement comes from the slope of the roof and the diagonal line of the red fence, which leads the eye to the activity on the pavilion.  I find that because the red is more prominent I tend to follow that direction of movement first, before looking at the roof.

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