TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Contrast – Four – Full Moon

This is my final, 16th, shot for assignment 3 – “colour” and fourth shot for contrasting colours.

Full Moon

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Shot on manual and created from two separate exposures to get the blue and the yellow.  I used a blue lens filter and set the white balance on my camera to “tungsten” to get a blue colour.  I used a yellow lens filter and set my camera’s white balance to “daylight” to get a yellow colour.  I then adjusted each in Lightroom to make the colours more vibrant and placed the yellow moon over the blue moon using Photoshop Elements.

The original shots were both taken with flashes arranged either side, shooting through umbrellas to get a fairly even distribution of light with minimal shadows.

The link to Chinese New Year here is slightly tenuous; Chinese New Year is often referred to as “Lunar New Year” as the it’s based on a Luna/Solar calendar.  I took the idea of shooting the moon and bought a prop moon as getting the shot I wanted with the real moon hadn’t been possible (distance and colour of the night sky being the challenges I couldn’t overcome).  As it was it took a few efforts to get this – having tried to get the colour combination in one shot and failing.

I got some shots of the real moon appearing yellow-orange in the night sky so decided I’d go for a heavily-stylelised version of the moon; which a friend has suggested “looks like the national flag of the moon”.  I think this one might convince somebody the moon really is made of cheese…

Balance and Movement

Balance and Movement

There’s a very strong clash of colours here as the blue and yellow are both very strong colours in this combination and these proportions.  I find it a bit hard to look at it and focus – which leads in to movement.  There’s a ‘wave’ radiating out from the yellow circle – a sense of vibration which I think occurred more subtly with the previous orange/violet combination, but is very intense in this image.

As an idea it’s stretching the theme a little, but as a shot for the “colour” assignment it does a good job of illustrating how contrasting colours can make a striking image by adding a new dimension – in terms of the sense of vibration they’ve created here in a shot that is – otherwise – simply a circle.

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