TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Contrast – Two – Money in Envelope

My fourth shot for assignment three – “colour” and second shot for “colour contrast”.

Money in Envelope

ISO100, f/22, 0.4s. Click to see large on Flickr

This was shot on aperture priority, with a narrow aperture for greatest depth-of-field.  It’s taken on a windowsill and lit by natural light coming through the window.  I adjusted the sharpness, contrast and overall saturation in Lightroom to make the blue and red more vivid.

I arranged the envelope to show there was money inside, while minimising the presence of other colours in the image.  I wanted a roughly 1:1 split between the red and blue to create a strong contrast, which I believe I’ve achieved successfully.

This image comes from the tradition for older family members to present envelopes of money to younger family members as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Balance and Movement

The balance  of colour here is very deliberate, as I’ve arranged the envelope to ensure there are equal proportions of red and blue.  They’re both strong colours which clash – although that clashing is reduced slightly by the dividing white and orange ‘lines’ inside the envelope and of the money.  The contrast creates a striking image – which stands out compared to the other three shots I’ve posted so far.  It definitely makes a statement – and it probably isn’t a combination of colours I’d choose to use often!

Movement Sketch

In terms of movement; I get a sense of a red ‘wave’ coming in to smother the blue of the cloth, and that sense is enhanced by the shadow of the envelope on the blue cloth.

The Rejected Alternative

Envelope and Money - Rejected shot. Click to see large on Flickr.

My original idea was to use this shot for ‘colour harmony through similar colours’.  I took the shot but felt the orange on the Euro note wasn’t strong enough.  I also found the white background boring, so the though of changing the background is what led to using the blue cloth and changing this idea to show contrasting colours.  I used the Euro as I’ve read the term ‘lucky money’ in relation to Chinese New Year traditions; I figured at the moment the Euro is anything but!

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