TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Accent – One – Lamps

This is my sixth shot for assignment three – “colour” – and is the first shot for “colour accent”.  It was taken on my day at Manchester’s Chinese New Year celebrations.


ISO400, f/8, 1/200s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual.  Sharpened, with a half-stop adjustment to exposure and adjustment to contrast in Lightroom.

I liked this one because of the contrast of traditional Chinese lamps against the electric lamp in Manchester.

Balance and Movement

There really isn’t a “balance” here as the objective was for the colour to stand out as an accent.  Against a plain background that has been simple to achieve with the bright red of the lamps.

Balance and Motion

The wind is providing some limited sense of motion, blowing the lamps and the tassels hanging from them.  It looks almost as though they are travelling along the blue wire, toward the black lamp post.

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