TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Accent – Four – Dumplings and Chopsticks

Shot 13 for assignment three – “colour” and my fourth and final shot for “colour accent”.

Dumplings and Chopsticks

ISO100, f/22, 1/100s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual.  Sharpened and contrast increased in Lightroom.  Two flashes used – the setup can be seen in the ‘Taking the shot’ section below.

Dumplings are traditionally served on Chinese New Year’s Eve, hence their appearance here.

I arranged the shot with a few items to give the impression of a table setup.  The chopsticks were positions to create an implied triangle and to make it appear as though they had been used and put down – so as to tell a story of somebody having left the table while eating.

Balance and Movement

Balance and Movement

The red is a clear accent, standing out compared to the black and browns in the shot.

There’s not much movement here, apart from the arrangement of the chopsticks (particularly the diagonal one on the right).

Taking the shot

This is the lighting setup for this shot:

Dumpling and Chopsticks Setup

I took a test shot which I actually quite like for the reflections in the bow, but it doesn’t tell the story and was always intended as a test shot and nothing more.

Empty Bowl

I thought it might be interesting to have some interaction with the scene, so first I tried showing the dumplings being served:

Dumplings served

And next the dumplings being picked up by the chopsticks:

Dumpling picked up

I thought both appeared too busy and the compositions didn’t work – they looked too clumsy.  An attempt to move the bowl to improve the composition still didn’t work, so I opted for the more static but visually more appealing final shot.

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