TAOP: Assignment 3 – Colour: Colour Accent – Two – Charm

Shot seven for assignment three – “colour” and the second for “colour accent.”


ISO100, f/8, 1/200s. Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual.  Sharpened in Lightroom with the blue saturation increased.  Flash was positioned to the right of the charm and shot through an umbrella.  I chose to shoot it at a slight angle to suggest the charm was being moved in wind.

Balance and Movement

Balance and Movement

I liked the idea of using blue and red again after the envelope shot for ‘contrast’.  It was a strong, clashing, combination of colours which I wanted to ‘play’ with again.  Once again it’s a strong combination; I like it here much move than in the envelope shot.  It’s very bold so the smaller area of blue truly stands out against the red – so it works well as an example of ‘colour accent’.

Movement, as mentioned above.

Taking the shot

Charm - Initial Setup. Click to see large on Flickr

My original shot was close to what I wanted here, but the fabric background was too uneven, and the flash created too much of a highlight on the charm.

I changed the background to a piece of card and moved the lighting back and at a different angle – which is illustrated below.

Charm Photo Setup

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