This fifth image is my take on Graham Smith?s documentary-style photographs from pubs and clubs and depicts the not-unfamiliar site of people socialising virtually in a real social setting.  Titled ?Social?.

Social - ISO 6400, f/8, 1/25s.  Click to see on Flickr

Social – ISO 6400, f/8, 1/25s. Click to see on Flickr

I took a few shots and selected this one as it was the most natural looking (thanks to Dave in the middle scratching his nose!).  Shot on high ISO and f/8 so the exposure could be short enough to capture the action without blur.

I tweaked the contrast on this and adjusted highlights and shadows to avoid clipping in the darkest and brightest areas, and increased sharpness.

I also added some noise reduction.  At ?screen size? it?s not noticeably noisy, but zoomed in it is noticeable.  It?s actually not that major, but I felt I wanted to reduce it a bit.  I think this one might be good to see in print to see how that translates to print; I suspect it won?t be that much of a problem….


So, having written the above I did print this.  I was right in thinking the noise really wasn’t a problem when printed.  There is a very slight grain to some of the flat, light, areas of the print but it certainly doesn’t detract from the image.  Having printed this I’m reminded that a computer screen really isn’t a match for a printed image; it really does bring out the best in a picture.  I have to admit it makes it difficult to be critical, but once I printed this I looked at it and thought “you know, that wouldn’t look bad on a wall!”.