This post collects together my image ideas in advance of me shooting them.  As mentioned in my earlier post Photography and the New God, my intention is to do a bit of a commentary on social media, with a humorous/ironic element to it.  I’m drawing from a few influences for the work – based on pioneers in “straight” photography and their contemporaries; though not everything will necessarily relate to previous work – it’s my assignment, after all!   The assignment calls for 5-10 shots; I’m thinking I’ve got 5 or 6 ideas at the moment which could work.  I know from experience though that not all of them will come out how I hope – I also know that once I shoot a few I may have new ideas, but these ideas are my starting point to start actually creating some work.

Image 1:

This will be a “selfie” shot, and I wrote about the idea behind this previously in my initial research post “Blind“.  It’s inspired by Paul Strand’s “Blind Woman”.   I caught the end of the winter game opening on Friday night, and that put a bit of an idea in my head on what it may look like – their was a segment where they showed some of the athletes “selfies” taken during the opening ceremony and I found the whole concept of showing these as part of the coverage ridiculous.   The BBC presenter described it as the “First selfie Olympics”.   So, I’m thinking a selfie in my skiing gear, together the with “Like” sign around my neck.  I’ll shoot it during daylight – so no flash required.

Image 2:

This one’s inspired by Twitter – that sense of posting into nothingness.  A tin can, with a piece of string hanging off it – but not connected to anything.  I think it’s an opportunity to illustrate texture in monochrome from the metal and ridges in the can, and my initial thoughts are hovering around a look reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Pepper” – albeit colder.  I could also try this in both high and low key.  The shape, texture and reflectiveness make it a fairly flexible subject – so I think it’s worth trying a few things with this one.

Image 3:

I’m pretty sure this’ll be a familiar sight to many – friends in a social setting (pub) all looking at smartphones.  I want this to be kind of reminiscent of Graham Smith’s candid documentary shots in pubs and bars.  I wonder if I’ll need to get people to pose for this, or just taking my camera with me next time I go to the pub with friends would be just as quick!

Image 4:

Instagram-styled still-life.  Thinking Starbucks coffee, iPad and a muffin on a table next to a window on to the City street.  Starbucks at Piccadilly Gardens is probably a reasonable location – though it can be mad busy at weekends which could make this a struggle.   There are some Northern Quarter cafés that might work – or could actually be better locations.  I may ask around for ideas on where the most pretentious café in the NQ is.

Image 5:

Retweet.  I’m thinking a printed-out tweet, and then using my iPhone in remote-mode for the camera, placed in-front of the lens, so it creates a recursive image.  I’ll no-doubt need to experiment with this.  I’m not wholly convinced it’ll work in monochrome.

Image 6:

A low-key, poe-faced fox in the style of Ansel Adam’s “Tony Lujan of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1930” in a take on Ylyvis’ “The Fox” (What does the fox say?).