As with exercise one, the aim of this exercise is to devise a workflow for a specific shooting assignment; this time something more open-ended.  The examples it gives are street photography, a weekend trip or part of a holiday.  My intention is to shoot images based on “my weekend” – starting on Friday or Saturday, as I have a few things going on that make it suitable for the brief.

I’m aiming for the workflow to be as follows, including changes based on the first exercise:

1. Shoot
2. Review in-camera, if there’s time.  Revise shot if needed.  Delete images with obvious technical flaws.

If there’s time:

3. Import images in to Lightroom – adding basic keywords on import.
4. Format card in camera.
5. Delete any remaining images with clear technical problems.
6. Create a collection set of the images.
7. Add images with “promise” to the Quick Collection.

8. Change card/use formatted card and return to shooting. (I may also use my cheaper camera when I’m out in Manchester).
9. Return to step 2 and repeat until weekend shoot is complete.
10. Add Quick Collection shots to a collection set.
11. Perform basic editing and flag preferred shots.
12. Complete editing on preferred shots.
13. Caption and keyword preferred shots.
14. Publish/Export if needed/desired.
15. Backup Lightroom catalogue information to external drive.
16. Delete all but the preferred shots from the Lightroom Library