I?ve enjoyed this assignment and created some images I really love – although in some ways it?s felt rushed as I?ve needed to do everything before my extension finished. With a bit more time I might have shot a couple more images and replaced the ?Sober? image with something that fits better.

Through this section and assignment I?ve definitely understood more on the power of photography to tell a story. My reading (particularly a couple of useful articles in The British Journal of Photography) has helped add to the course text too – and ultimately led me to think more on the images telling a narrative between them that?s enhanced by the words – rather than just simply illustrating the words.

As with previous assignments I have tended to use studio and portable flash gear for this – mainly with two light setups. However I?ve also combined flash with natural light too – where it?s suited the images. The use of coloured gels obviously meant artificial lighting was a necessity for the images I?ve created.

I feel the assignment does successfully demonstrate what I?ve learnt across the course – without ?forcing? anything through the images. There is contrast in terms of colour on the first page, and in a more abstract sense of tone and meaning between the cover and final page image. I?ve arranged items and composition to illustrate relationships between them, and to lead the eye around images. I?ve also used a combination of lighting techniques, as noted above.