I was surfing through some photography-related blogs and came across a piece by photographer Kenneth Jarecke on Time and other news outlet’s coverage of hurricane Sandy in New York using Instagram – titled Instagram, the Devil and You.  For those that don’t know – Time commissioned photographers to shoot the storm using Instagram.

Having looked through Time’s Lightbox gallery I’m forced to agree with Jarecke’s assessment of the results; they’re generally unremarkable and lacking much in terms of human emotion and impact – which should be central to coverage of an event such as this.  To me there’s a lack of depth in Time’s album – and, with only a few exceptions, ends up a fairly unemotional look at storm damage.  It doesn’t effectively tell a story of the hurricane’s real impact.  Additionally, the image quality itself is clearly sub-par.

Contrast that with the kind of images you see in The Guardian’s Eyewitness pages; which are full of images which effectively communicate stories in human terms and a great photos in execution and subject.

Hopefully this was just a one-off gimmick, because it’d be a great shame to lose the kind of images created by talented photojournalists.