The final sequence of images will wrap up the narrative.  For the first shot I’m thinking of a small river of wine leading from the boat to a plug hole in a sink, something like this (again, terrible) drawing:

Wine and sink sketch

For the second – the boat submerged , or appearing submerged in a glass of water.  Perhaps the boat distorted by the water, with a part not concealed to show a disconnection between expectation and reality.

Finally, a shot showing to hands stretched out towards each other on a layer of feathers.

The only remaining shot to think about after these is the illustrative ‘cover’ shot.  I’ve got some ideas for this – involving feathers and corks, but I don’t want to develop this in more depth until I’ve completed most – if not all – of the other shots.  My thinking is that viewing the completed shots might inspire a different idea.  For now it’s a case of moving on to complete sketches for a representative storyboard.