My third shot for assignment 4 – “light” – uses light to illustrate the shape of my Leffe bottle subject.

Shape – Leffeset

Leffeset – ISO 100, 1/200s, f/16.  Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual and hand-held (from across the track).  The only post-processing I’ve done has been to increase the sharpness in Lightroom slightly.

I’ve used the sunset positioned behind the bottle to create a silhouette; I feel it creates a very ‘pure’ impression of the bottle’s outline, while the small amount of light through the glass and liquid hints at the general cylindrical shape.

As show below, I felt the bottle on its own with the sun completely obscured by it made for a dull image.  It was also vaguely reminiscent of the first shot I did for “colour”.  I therefore chose to include more of the outline of the reservoir wall I had placed the bottle on.  I also shifted slightly so the sun was visible, “setting” behind the bottle and the wall.  As well as making for a more appealing image, it also makes for a more authentic image – showing the natural light it’s been shot in.

Attempt 2 – Unnatural and dull

I had tried this shot in the morning before I moved out of Yorkshire; but the higher sun (and poor positioning of the bottle) made for a much poorer shot – and it was a case of either no silhouette, or too-dark an image overall because of the brightness of the sun at that time of day.

Attempt One – Too Bright